The worldwide specialist in plant breeders' rights and royalty monitoring.

Royalty Administration International®

Specialist in plant breeders’ rights

Royalty Administration International® (RAI) is a worldwide specialist in intellectual property rights; including plant breeders’ rights, plant patents, trademarks, utility patents, license agreements and royalties. RAI has partnered with more than 200 large and small breeders of flowers, bulbs, pot and bedding plants, perennials, trees, vegetables and fruit. The RAI team of proven professionals are represented by offices in Europe, North America, South America and Japan. Due to this unique international structure, RAI has the ability to understand local market trends to advise our clients in the marketing of their products. This local market understanding, overlapped with unique worldwide coverage, unparalleled by no other, enables RAI to act effectively and efficiently, to best serve the interests of our clients. RAI was founded in 1984 and has a proven record of performance as an independent, professional and committed partner

Our expertise

Intellectual property

Applying for and managing property rights


Providing and administrating

Monitoring and control

Checking reports

Sparring and advice partner

Property rights, licenses, violations

Detecting and prosecution of illegal acts

Production, logistics and market control, accounting, seizures, DNA testing, bailiff inspections and lawsuits

Royalty Collection

Royalty invoicing, collection and creditor management

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Head office

Europe, Africa & Asia

Royalty Administration International C.V.
Naaldwijkseweg 350, 2691 PZ, ‘s-Gravenzande
PO Box 156, 2690 AD ‘s-Gravenzande

Tel (+31) 174-42 01 71


South America

RAI® Latinoamérica S.A.S.
Calle 93B, 11A-44 Oficina 401, Bogotá,

Tel (+57) 315 353 9723


North America

Royalty Administration International® Inc.
10501 Ben C. Pratt /
Six Mile Cypress, Parkway, Suite 103
Fort Myers, FL 33966
Tel (+1) 239 278 9917



Royalty Administration International® Japan Ltd.
Sekimachi Minami 4-8-10,
Nerima City, Tokyo, 177-0053

Tel (+81) 03 5903 8923



Illegal propagation

Illegal propagation

Illegal propagation RAI has once again detected an illegal propagator in Italy. It concerns illegal propagation of a number of Chrysanthemum varieties of Dekker Breeding B.V. The court ordered the illegal propagator to immediately stop the cultivation and sale of the...

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New agreements after bankruptcy

New agreements after bankruptcy

New agreements after bankruptcy In the case of the bankruptcy of a licensee in Germany, a new owner took over the estate. As a result, this party believed that it could also dispose of the planted bulbs. However, the license agreement states that in the event of...

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