Discovery and prosecution of illegal acts

What does RAI do for you?

RAI’s regular licensing and control work may reveal irregularities, which are analyzed and dealt with accordingly. RAI also observes and monitors other markets/product flows in order to determine legality. Incorrect reporting, improper actions or deviating matters, signal illegality giving RAI the ability to take action.

In consultation with the breeder, RAI determines which steps will be taken. For example, additional inspection visits, specific inspection, inventory product flow, auditing and/or seizure with a bailiff, engagement of a lawyer, legal procedure, etc. RAI controls the entire process and is the point of contact for the lawyer, bailiff and jurist.

RAI assists the bailiff with seizures, supports lawyers in writing pleadings, is present at court cases and, if desired, acts as an expert witness. RAI performs these actions in close consultation with its client. The above may lead to sanctions such as payment of unreported royalties, reimbursement of expenses incurred, interest surcharge, penalties, destruction of plant material, restriction and/or termination of the license contract.

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